Nursing Home Care

Sixty percent of nursing home adverse events – including pressure ulcers, medication errors, falls and infections – are deemed preventable and it’s estimated that one in five nursing home residents suffers preventable harm.


The Telligen QIN-QIO works with nursing homes to help them achieve their goal of providing reliable, compassionate, high-quality care. By aligning our services with the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative, Telligen helps engage nursing homes in quality improvement work using a Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) framework.

Our work:

  • Instills quality improvement principles and methods to help you develop a nursing home QAPI plan that meets updated regulations.
  • Shares proven methods to help you decrease the use of unnecessary antipsychotic medications and reduce healthcare-acquired infections.
  • Spreads education and expertise through a supportive network of industry experts and peers who know your challenges and offer solutions.

Download our fact sheet to learn more about this healthcare quality improvement work.


Apply today – applications for the Illinois Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative will be accepted through March 2017.

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Nursing Home Collaborative


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Nursing Home Collaborative


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